Educational A2 format poster “Birthdays”

$ 6.00

  • A2 size (594 mm x 420 mm)
  • Perfect Gift for Toddlers
  • Fantastic Gift for Teachers
  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Supplied folded
  • Perfect for classrooms, staffrooms and home
  • Bright and colourful design
  • We can add 4 stickers with which You can easily attach the poster to the wall. Later, if You need, poster can be removed and then reattached. The price of 4 stickers is 0.40 euro cents.

This adorable, colorful and informative Educational Wall Poster make it easy to get your kids off to a knowledgeable start.
This A2 poster is designed to remind you when your pupils birthdays are to make sure you don’t forget about any classroom celebrations!


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